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FUEGO - The documentary


Kilian Bron and his team are back to Fuego to help you experience this extraordinary adventure from the inside. A one-hour immersive documentary with Kilian, JB, Nix, Pierre and Mathieu, in search of the perfect still and moving images and unforgettable human encounters. From Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia - nothing should ever be taken for granted on a trip of this magnitude.

It is a complex documentary of a two-month long journey to South America that follows in the footsteps of the Incas and the Mayans, punctuated by incredible stops on the world’s most active volcanoes, as well as affectionate memories on the way to meet the Quechuas. Full of ambition, emotions, team work but also doubts and out-of-comfort zone occasions.      - COMMENCAL



Climax is the first book of JB Liautard, a gifted 28 year old photographer who has become an essential reference in the world of mountain biking. The images of this French talent, born in Romans-sur-Isère, are distinguished by their careful aesthetics and meticulous construction. JB Liautard, who turned to photography after a mountain bike crash, takes a different, creative and original look at his sport.       - Editions Mons

The Art of Mtb Episode 3


In the third episode of The Art of MTB, we follow filmmaker JB Liautard and MTB-pro Thomas Genon as they load their red pickup truck with Canyon MTBs and head for Utah’s vast expanse of winding gorges and plateaus. Join the two friends on a classic road film adventure, chasing the American landscape for those once-in-a-lifetime camera shots that elevate sports into beauty.      - SHIMANO

The Art of Mtb Episode 2


JB Liautard and Thomas Genon are back with another collection of incredible photographs that marry the beauty of photography with that of mountain biking. And this time, we get to see behind the scenes in a fascinating film that reveals the depth of detail required to get that money shot.

From satellite images to hand-drawn diagrams. From the texture of the rock to the cultural heritage of the jumps. From the exact light of a sunset to a flash sticky-taped to a drone. When it comes to Jb Liautard and Thomas Genon, there’s no art without some science, and no madness without some method.

Their patience, perseverance, and very particular attention to detail produces something magical. Jb builds the idea, and Thomas buys into it. When their vision and skill collide, that snapshot in time is perfection.
      - SHIMANO

Behind the lens with Andreu Lacondeguy


We love bikes, we love videos and we love photos. To compare our successful media team to our best team of riders is not madness, it’s actually obvious. In many sports, the rule is that there has to be two to make a good match, and the same goes for creating great bike images. A photo shoot with Andreu Lacondeguy behind the handlebars and JB Liautard behind the camera is not far off an All-Star game!         -    COMMENCAL

The Art of Mtb Episode 1


When the creative evolution of Thomas Genon’s riding merged with that of JB Liautard’s photography, art was inevitable. The style and artistry of Thomas and JB has created four sublime images which celebrate the beauty and badassery of bikes in a unique and mesmerizing way. They make us question the how and why, and pull us into their story.      - SHIMANO

Behind the trip : Chasing Volcanoes


For a duration of 15 days Kilian Bron, Leon Perrin, Gaetan Clary, JB Liautard, Pierre Dupont plus Skippers Lucas Frigout and Adrien Desuzinge went on a mission!

Destination, the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago located between Sicily and Italy.
Vertigo, erupting volcanoes, seasickness and sulphur fumaroles, it’s all to see in the behind the scenes today footage of this film like no other!        -    COMMENCAL

Behind the Winner Shot 


Discover the behind the scenes of the "Emerging" category winning image at Red Bull Illume 2019.

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